ROAD aims to develop talent and promote scientific research through the continuous growth of hard and soft skills as drivers of innovation. In this path, the People site aims to trigger change by acting on the forma mentis that is capable of supporting the ecological, energy and digital transition. 


  • PULSE SURVEY: represents an agile and 'always-on' tool to monitor the impact of change processes within corporate ROADs. It focuses on two of the three fundamental dimensions underlying the processes: systems and tools 
  • VIRTUAL FOCUS GROUP: a natural continuation of the "Pulse Survey'', it is an opportunity for engagement and discussion among participants from corporate ROADs. This group, supported by Artificial Intelligence, enables the sharing of ideas, experiences and perspectives, fostering innovation and the sharing of best practices. Participation and simultaneous interaction between people ensures inclusiveness and diversity of perspectives, providing ROAD with the data and tools necessary to always put people at the centre.

  • The Digital Twin transforms processes, generates new products, services and solutions, affecting the demand for professional profiles, transforming the labour market and amplifying the mismatch gap. By accelerating re-skilling and up-skilling processes, sustainable transformation can be speeded up, making it inclusive, equitable and integrated. The mix of knowledge on phenomena related to the ecological transition, correlated with the tools made available by the digital revolution, allows for the delineation of new professional profiles, defining new domains at the service of corporate re-skilling. 
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